03 Sep

A Machine That Makes Your Daily Work Easy

Today, home appliances have become a necessity as without them, people cannot complete their work. In Bristol, every home has a washing machine which makes the work of washing the clothes easier. But sometimes you have to face difficulties when your washing machine breaks down. You have to take some action sooner and for this you can follow the common troubleshooting tips to solve the common problems. But if still they are not resolved then have to avail the professional services for washing machine repairs in Bristol.

Washer does not start

If your washing machine won’t turn on after putting clothes in the washer and pressing the on button then you may follow the tips below:

  • Check your power socket whether it is functional or not and also that the wire of the machine is plugged in or not. It might be that due to some movements, the wire might get plugged out.
  • It may also happen that the lid switch of your top loading machine is faulty. You can check this by turning on the machine and then rotate the basket with the help of a pen. If it is working properly, then water will start to fill even when if the lid is left open.
  • Another problem due to which your machine might not start is due to overheating. There are times when due to overloading the machine gets overheated and stops functioning. In such case, let the machine to rest for a few hours and then use it with a limited number of clothes. If it works, overheating was the cause and you should put only the prescribed weight of clothes to prevent damages.