29 Jul

Pros and Cons of Cable TV, Satellite TV and IPTV

Nowadays, you are faced with 3 main types of TV viewing options to choose from. These are cable TV, satellite TV and the IPTV. Cable TV uses coaxial cables to transmit radio frequency signals to their subscribers. Satellite TV uses a dish to transmit and receive signals. And, IPTV, as the name itself implies, uses internet protocol to deliver TV content. As to which of these options is the best, here are their pros and cons.

Cable TV Pros and Cons

  • Reliability. It will not be the most popular TV viewing option for many years if it isn’t.
  • You have numerous channels to choose from.
  • Cable TV subscription costs are increasing.
  • Channels may be numerous but most of them are useless for you

Satellite TV Pros and Cons

  • Graphics quality is good and you can also watch a variety of channels. It can reach areas where cable TV cannot.
  • Since signal relies mainly on the satellite dish, it could weaken or be cut off completely by harsh weather.

IPTV Pros and Cons

  • It is very convenient as it allows you to watch live shows and play it back later.
  • The cost is lower than cable TV subscriptions.
  • Some IPTV providers offer package deals that include TV, internet and phone.
  • You can choose only the channels you are most interested in. You don’t have to pay for channels you don’t watch.
  • With the many IPTV reseller out there, you expose yourself to poor quality IPTV servers and services
07 Jul

Pen Voltage Testers Review

This simple device is very useful while doing electrical work. You would need it to check whether there is electrical current passing through a circuit. It warns you of unsafe conditions before you touch it.
Before buying it, you should know its range of testing. A good tester will give dual range testing between 12-1000V or 48-1000V AC. It should be durable and easy to use. Most importantly pay attention to its safety and accuracy.

Listed below are 5 non-contact voltage tester pens that we have reviewed. They are compact and easy to carry in your pocket. They have a flashlight which is useful when using in the dark. They have a plastic body to protect against electrocution. These pens will beep and the tip glows upon detection and are highly sensitive.

1. Non-Contact Voltage Pen by Somox Electric
2. Pratt 1AC-A1-II Non-Contact Voltage Tester
3. Cozoz Voltage Tester
4. Raniaco Voltage Tester with LED Light and highly sensitive
5. Tushai Detector Pen 12-1000V