08 Jun

PAT Testing The Appliance Is Important

A person who owns a business in Sussex is well aware of portable appliance testing (PAT). This process includes testing of all the possible electric appliances in the business and making sure that they are properly working and are meeting the standards of safety. This test is usually conducted by a PAT testing machine and is carried out by a qualified electrical engineer who owns a certificate. An electrical engineer can only work as a PAT tester if he has PAT testing certificate in Sussex . With this, the work will be completed quickly and any repairs can be dealt with easily and as early as possible.


Once the test is done, a sticker is pasted on the device which shows that it has been tested and a certificate is provided which states that the testing has been done and the premises is safe. This certificate can be a printed one or a simple handwritten one with a stamp and signature of the tester. The details include the site where it has been tested, whether the appliance has passed the test or not if any retests required, and the probable dates for the same in the future. It also contains the details of the company or the engineer who is responsible for the testing.

All these things need to be recorded properly for added security so that it is helpful for taking any precautionary measures for the appliance or the equipment safety. This helps in running the equipment smoothly and also during the insurance claims.

16 Aug

Benefits Of Using Electrical Service Provider

Nowadays, the whole world is running on electricity like hospitals, schools, railway stations etc. So, the electrical appliances are being used on a daily basis and if proper maintenance is not given then they might get dysfunctional. So, in that case electrical services are required. In Victoria TX, you can easily hire an electrician for your electrical testing, repair and maintenance needs.

What kind of services you can get?

Electrical service providers help in wiring of the new home, installation of heavy electrical appliances, change of wiring during renovating the home, electricity meter change and all the troubleshoot handling regarding electricity appliances. Electricians in Victoria TX offer a wide range services and you can also hire them for landscape light installation for adding to the overall beauty of the property.

What are the benefits of using electrical service provider?

If there is any kind of emergency like fuse blows away or there is any short circuit due to which there is a power cut, you need to call a licensed electrician. Some other problems are:

Fuse repair – if the fuse blows away due to high voltage, an electrician is needed so in that case electrical service provider could be called to fix the fuse.

Meter change – if the meter readings are fluctuating or electrical meter is not working properly; electrician can be called for its repair or exchange.

Pat testing – Pat testing is portable appliance testing. PAT testing at commercial places as well as residential places to ensure that the place is safe and there are no electric risks.

13 Oct

Electrician Services For Repairing The Broken Wirings

All the constructions are equipped with the electrical wiring to meet the electricity supply needs, the correct wiring and its insulations helps in easy access to the power. Too old or faulty wiring is dangerous as it can lead to a short circuit or electrical shocks. In such case, it is important to get the services of the electricians in Austin Texas who are licensed and trained to handle all types of electrical work. This enables you to get the safe repair and replacement of the faulty or broken wiring for safe access of electricity.

Hire the right help

It is difficult to diagnose the broken wiring in the modern constructions. Generally, the modern constructions have the underground or behind the plaster wiring in the house and office buildings. This creates a hurdle in diagnosing the faults in wiring. If you are able to smell out the burning wire, immediately make a check at the fuse box for the short circuit. In case, if you see a spark, immediately turn off the main power supply and call the electrician. It is the sign of broken wiring. Austin Texas electricians provide their services round the clock to provide the safety against the electrical accidents.

Replace the broken wiring

When you find that the wiring of your building has got damaged or broken, it is needed to replace the broken wiring. Repairing the wiring adds to the further threat of short circuit and electrical hazards. Thus, instead of putting your home or office at risk, it is better to get the broken wiring replaced with the new one.