21 May

Maintenance Tips For Your Boilers

“Boilers can give you hot water whenever you want throughout any season. These appliances are a great source of comfort in the colder days when you want to stay warm. However, these appliances often damage due to excessive usage and when you are unable to maintain them. In case of any malfunction,you can go with the heating cover provided by the company. You can select the cover according to your preference and benefit from their services. ” quoted a representative from Plus Heat.

Tips to increase the lifetime of your boilers

  • Check the radiators – radiators are one of the major parts of your boilers. You should always check the boiler’s radiator and look out for the cold spot. If your radiators are having a cold spot, this means that the air is trapped. Adjust the radiator to evenly spread the heated water. This can prevent any harm to the boilers.
  • Turn it on regularly – many people use their boilers only in the colder days and forget about it in the summer or spring season. This should not be done as this might breakdown many internal parts of your boilers. Turn these appliances on for few minutes regularly to avoid any friction or breaking.
  • Go for the regular services – going for the regular inspection by the professionals is a great way to increase the lifetime of your boiler. They can easily detect the upcoming problem and can solve it beforehand. This will save you from lots of expensive repairs. You can easily book their services online
03 Sep

A Machine That Makes Your Daily Work Easy

Today, home appliances have become a necessity as without them, people cannot complete their work. In Bristol, every home has a washing machine which makes the work of washing the clothes easier. But sometimes you have to face difficulties when your washing machine breaks down. You have to take some action sooner and for this you can follow the common troubleshooting tips to solve the common problems. But if still they are not resolved then have to avail the professional services for washing machine repairs in Bristol.

Washer does not start

If your washing machine won’t turn on after putting clothes in the washer and pressing the on button then you may follow the tips below:

  • Check your power socket whether it is functional or not and also that the wire of the machine is plugged in or not. It might be that due to some movements, the wire might get plugged out.
  • It may also happen that the lid switch of your top loading machine is faulty. You can check this by turning on the machine and then rotate the basket with the help of a pen. If it is working properly, then water will start to fill even when if the lid is left open.
  • Another problem due to which your machine might not start is due to overheating. There are times when due to overloading the machine gets overheated and stops functioning. In such case, let the machine to rest for a few hours and then use it with a limited number of clothes. If it works, overheating was the cause and you should put only the prescribed weight of clothes to prevent damages.
13 Jul

Access The Right Help For The Electrical PAT Safety Testing

Electrical safety testing has been there since a long time back but now it has become mandatory for every home, office and industrial property. Electronic and electrical equipments are prone to damages that can be hazardous for lives and the property. Thus, it is important to ensure the safety of the electronic and electrical equipments. For this, you can get the services of the professional electricians or testing engineers in order to ensure that the electronics and the electrical equipments which you are using are absolutely safe.

About PAT testing

PAT is “Portable Appliance Testing” is a type of electrical safety test testing that is done basically for the portable appliance and electrical equipments. These include testing of the fuse, sockets, switches and common home appliances. Carry out the PAT test on your appliances in order to ensure their safety. This also helps in meeting the legal obligations of the state to keep the property safe. After your appliances clear the PAT requirements, the certificate of safety is awarded to your appliances. Hence, you can enjoy your peace of mind.

Get the PAT done before offering your property for rent

If you are offering your property for rent which is well equipped then it is important that you should get the PAT done for the electronic and electrical equipments. This makes sure that your property is safe to live in and the tenant can move into it with peace. Frequency of testing depends upon the usage and the type of equipment. But make sure that you get the electrical safety testing done regularly.

23 May

Fix The Electrical Problems Occurring In Your Home

Electrical system is the most important system of your home. It makes electricity run throughout your home efficiently. It is the electricity that makes different types of electrical devices or appliances like refrigerator, air conditioner, television, or many other types of equipment to run.  Like any other system in London, electrical system can also be the subject to issues but the electrical issues can be more devastative than any other issue occurring with any other system of the building. So, whenever you get even a sign of any electric problem, you need to look for the best London based electrical repairs service to inspect your electrical system and fix the issues if there is any. Below mentioned are some problems that may occur with your home’s electrical system:

Electrical surges

This is the most common problem that most of people complain for. These problems usually occur due to the faulty wiring or appliances, lighting strikes or damaged power lines. Although electrical surges occur for microsecond but they can lead to electrical appliance damage or damage to its life expectancy.


Sometimes, when high wattage lights are installed in the low wattage fixtures then it is considered as the code violation and it can pose a higher risk to your electrical system.  The high level of heat of the bulb can cause the melting of the socket and can cause the simulation in the fixture’s wires. This directly results in spark in the wire and then moves the spark to other wires and causes the electrical fire.

20 Sep

A Licensed Electrician Will Fix All Wiring Problems And Avoid Electrocution Hazards

Electric work is the most complicated and dangerous alignment in a residential and commercial area. Without power supply, our life will be in darkness. Almost everything that helps in our household and business, works through electricity, therefore their maintenance is equally important.

new consumar unit

Annual inspection is very important, especially for places that are old and need lot of maintenance. Mostly such places have damaged wirings and burnt areas that provoke shocks and fire. A licensed electrician can check all possible ways to confirm your place is in good condition. In case of any fault they make sure it is updated without delay.

Hiring an electrician in Fareham is very important because it is an old market place and each shop comprises of various overlapped wirings. There some of the wiring problems that lead to disasters . Examples by Lanzon Electrical & Solar Ltd. :

  • Over lamping is one reason where due to fluctuation in power, sockets melt resulting to sparks.
  • Junction box has wires of the house connected at that area if it is left uncovered, there are chances of getting shock.
  • Due to wind, open wires move and come in contact with one another which leads to short circuits.
  • Because of few power outlets people use extensions to run their appliances which overloads the power circuit. This can damage the power line and fuse your main box.
  • Old houses have wires of aluminium and most of them run under the floor. Today it is suggested setting up copper wires as they are a good conductor of electricity.

Whenever you work with an electrician on your house wiring, ensure to turn off the circuit from the main panel.